EPP Provisioning

This term can be considered to refer to the hypothetical service a Registry might offer or to a minimal version of my specific offering. It will take a Registrar to a capability corresponding to Scenario 1 as if the toolkit was itself usable for the secondary name providers end biz purpose at Scenario 1 which hopefully by now we understand it isn’t. Thus, this is primarily a Enterprise professional services offering for ICANN Registrars to fill a gap not addressed by the Registries.

This service includes the following:
  • Setup of a WP instance in this network with JIRA, FishEye over a git repo of their sources and a development host for their Cliever during OTE and subsequent development cycles.
  • Bringing the client software to an operational state corresponding to Scenario 1, as if.
  • Configuring the generics to enable a common level of basic operation and fill the gap.

This is the minimum job required to bring a given primary and secondary name provider pairing to a production state, specifically in my EPP Cliever framework, or more generally anywhere.