The Commodity EPP Middleware Package has these Elements

API Generics

APIG is a generic interface to the AC system based on XMLRPC. It is bundled in the client daemon program and includes a programm which serves a dual role as XMLRPC bases system test and generator for SWIG interfaces to scripting languages of which Ruby is the first done. The client daemon is lumped under this rubric but it can an operate as a simple remote commander for the master daemon. Thus Registrars can adapt and extend their use of AC as required from a solid base of proven open source software.

Biz Rules Engine

The BRE provides a high efficiency mechanism for uniformly rendering Registrar’s realtime biz intent as FSMs¹. This element may be considered intellectually challenging but it’s really pretty basic Computer Science and the presentation of specific biz rules in UML for the FSM is both a critical engineering best practice of this design and one that I think will be compelling by virtue of the clarity of a killer dev process – specification of Registrar biz rules as UML diagrams which are then programmed by me (or whoever) after the provided patterns.

REST Controller

A simple RoR app which, by virtue of use of APIG can expose any AC control quickly.

WordPress network

This WP network has per-Registrar delivery points and a documentation node, others anticipated.

¹ Finite state machine.