Welcome! This WP multisite fronts my DNS EPP Upgrade Service based on the “AC” software and an EPP Provisioning service (EPPP).

This service provides a C++ middleware solution between Domain Name Registries and Registrars based on the ARI EPP Client Toolkit (AusReg) and my generic framework to use it.

ARI defines a larger context than just the client, within which, under some idealized and partially false assumptions (explained here), a Registrar’s EPP client software can operate in any of these 8 scenarios:

The absence of any thing in the third column for Scenario 1 would seem to create the impression that in the case of the C++ version of the tookit, the most efficient available, with it (the toolkit) alone Registrars need only build and configure for their production operations and that’s false. Manifestly so because, what is provided is a library, not an full program, albeit a large and complete one that does provide support for the enumerated stages of R-R interaction depicted above in a well developed object model, presumably ubiquitously in use or coming into use.

A custom system application is still required to use the library.